How important are warm-up exercises to strength training?

For Beginners

Are you one of those people who get to exercise quick freehand hands, sprinting through your gym, again? Hands up another show if you think you need to be hurt. If you’re a runner on your strength training routine without doing the perfect heat, your dumbbell days may be numbered …
I discuss it with Luke Robinson, St. Morris PT at Zap Gym. “I have competed and coached in high performance sports since childhood, and it cannot be denied that Luke understands well that some of my athletes have included the Australian team, a power lifting athlete and the Australian record in its weight class. “

Avoid injury

Without a doubt, Luke’s number one reason is to make sure you’re warm, “so you don’t hurt.” It’s really simple, but it’s amazing how tall people are who are not hot. It takes about 10-15 minutes to do a full body warm-up and you are ready for any exercise.


Along with reducing the risk of injury, controlling your muscles with a warm-up can increase performance, so you can make even more progress. Earnings! Think about people’s successes … Did we convince you anyway? Well, you’re completely confident, but a waste of how weight training can actually heat up, says Luke, “No cardio in 5 minutes. In my opinion, the best options are the rover or the elliptical machine, because that’s the whole body cardio. It will pump blood around your body and keep you ready to warm up your muscles. From there, I recommend a knee and hip stretch movement, therefore lungor bodyweight squats. Then I recommend a shoulder movement, light-resistant straps are a great addition to any warm-up routine that warms up your rotating cuff. According to Luke, you can do the same warm-up for each workout, but consider adding a few things to enjoy the workout schedule that day. For example, if you’re doing legs, you can probably add a few glutactivation moves to set your chain on fire. One last tip, but the most important, make sure you take the time to get well, in good shape and in comfortable movements, “for example, some people are good at throwing themselves straight, but others will have to make an alternative. easy that they have a similar effect. “